covid update

In light of COVID19, I have made the difficult decision to close my physical business to in-person visits. But if you need nutrition support during this difficult time, Nutrition Synergy has moved to virtual visits via telehealth! Available appointment hours are flexible, please email if you are interested in connecting via HIPPA compliant video or telephone. All scheduled appointments have been transitioned to virtual visit until April 30. We thank you for your patience, flexibility, and time as we all learn how to navigate this current reality.

On another note, as schools are closed, businesses are going virtual, and spring sports competition has been cancelled or put on hold to protect public health, we are dealing with an ever changing reality. As a former division 1 lacrosse player, I sympathize with the athletes, but as a health care professional, I fully support this public health decision to reduce the further spread of COVID19.

Not only am I a health care professional at a major outpatient medical center, and a small nutrition business owner, but I am also a lacrosse coach! I am the head varsity lacrosse coach at Pingree School, and club lacrosse coach for Laxachusetts Girls lacrosse. With schools out, and no sports, my athletes are missing their teams, the competition, and the benefits of this intense yet thrilling physical activity just as spring season was getting started!

The benefits of exercise in physical shape, stress relief, cognitive function, and disease prevention have been studied at length. During this time of high stress and broken up routines, it’s important to get up and get moving! I will continue to post nutrition-related content, but many of my posts will be geared towards my high school athletes (workout resources, sports nutrition recipes, etc). Check it out, send it to friends / family if they are interested and remember to stay positive, wash your hands, and give your body the gift of movement and proper nutrition every day!



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