smoothie making

Have you been on a smoothie kick but never been able to make it like your favorite Smoothie Bowl spot? Being at home means you can get creative and try out some new recipes! Smoothies can be an excellent meal choice when well balanced, but they can also be a morning shot of sugar if you’re not careful. Try my Balanced Smoothie Equation for your personalized guide to a nutritious and tasty smoothie to start your morning off right!

By combining colorful fruits, vegetables, a protein source, liquid and superfood boosters, you are able to create a breakfast with more vitamins, minerals and staying power than just sugar + milk. Don’t have access to fresh fruits / vegetables? That’s okay, these smoothies are made even tastier with the use of frozen produce, so experiment with something new this week!

My favorite combo is raspberries + Strawberries + Broccoli + Unsweetened cashew milk + whey protein powder + peanut butter + chia seeds or hemp seeds for an extra boost. A little tip to keep your blender from working too hard… put your produce + liquid in first, then add your other ingredients.

Balanced Smoothie Equation

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